LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite SDK v19(2017年3月期リリース)

画像認識エンジンとドキュメントビューアー、ドキュメントの処理機能、クレジットカード読み取り機能を拡充、Visual Studio 2017をサポート
March 29, 2017 - 12:27


  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
  • Recognition SDK Technology - Enhancements to OCR, Forms & OMR, and New Composite Barcode Recognition
    • Enhanced the performance of LEADTOOLS OCR, Forms, OMR, and Barcode engines.
    • Improved the speed of the LEADTOOLS Advantage OCR engine by as much as 67%.
    • Improved the recognition results of images containing German and Spanish character sets, in addition to previous improvements for English, French, and Japanese.
    • Updated the Forms engine with a new forms recognition algorithm that is specifically designed for customers with large master form repositories. In testing with a repository of 1000 master forms, the time required to determine a form's identity dropped from 16 seconds with the original recognition method to less than 2 seconds using the new additional implementation.
    • Added a new OMR form alignment option in the OMR engine for forms that include a timing pattern.
    • Added support in the Barcode engine to find and decode GS1 Composite symbols, including CC-A, CC-B, and CC-C.
  • Document Viewer - New Features and Enhancements
    • Added optional client-side PDF rendering, which enhances performance and reliability while reducing server load.
    • New virtual document concept has been created to support composing a document on the fly from any number of pages in any order and from multiple source documents.
    • Virtual documents can be manipulated while being viewed and pages can be added or removed with code or interactively using drag and drop.
    • Virtual documents can be saved on the server and shared with multiple users.
    • The Document Viewer caching mechanism has been improved to allow users to create their own custom caching implementation and includes examples for SQL Server, Azure, and Ehcache.
    • Added printing to the document viewer, complete with paper-size selection.
    • Quickly find visual differences between two or more documents with side by side and overlay comparison,and Sync Viewer UI functionality.
  • Document Formats - Enhanced Support
    • Faster document loading.
    • More efficient memory usage.
    • Sharpened PDF file support.
    • Expanded Word and Excel format features.
    • Refactored the load algorithm, which has resulted in greatly reduced load times of document formats such as PDF, MS-Office formats 97-2013 (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), and TXT.
    • Added CID-font and glyph support for PDF.
    • Faster load of very large (e.g., 10,800 x 5400 images were used during tests) image-based PDFs.
    • Added the ability to read security information from any PDF file.
    • Strengthened Word and Excel features with support for images and shapes behind or in line with text, multi-column document layout, spreadsheet Scale View, 3D pie, bar, and line charts, and added a new option to enable or disable the clipping of spreadsheet cell contents.
  • Credit Card Reader SDK - Supported on More Platforms
    • Now available to .NET and C programmers (previously only available for iOS and Android).
    • Extract account and expiration date from credit cards.
    • Easily incorporate in payment processing workflows.
    • Combine with other recognition technologies such as MICR, OCR, and Driver's License Recognition to build a full-scale payment processing solution that can handle a wide variety of payment methods.
Document Viewer and Credit Card Reader in LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite..

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