Codejock Controls ActiveX v18.0.1

Visual Studio 2017をサポート、スプリッターコントロールとツリーコントロールでVisual Studio 2015とOffice 2013のテーマを使用可能
7月 31, 2017 - 18:22


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 support added.
  • CXTPTreeCtrl::IsFullRowSelectionEnabled added.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft Office 2013 theme support added for splitter and tree control.
  • Visual Studio 2015, Office 2013/2016 style and theme features added to CXTPExcelTabCtrl.


  • Get/SetBackColor and Get/SetTextColor added to CXTPComboBox for backward compatibility.
  • Item position in HiDPI with TVS_LINESATROOT in CXTPTreeCtrl fixed.
  • 'Divide by zero' exception in CXTPHexEdit fixed.
  • Wrong position of expander in HiDPI for CXTPTreeCtrl fixed.
  • Wrong node indentation in CXTPTreeCtrl fixed.
  • Focus drawing for CXTPTreeCtrl with full row selection enabled fixed.
  • DPI support improved for CXTPButton.
  • Checkbox partially drawing in HiDPI fixed.
  • Checkbox space at the border fixed in Tree control.
  • ActiveX: Custom back and foreground colors for ComboBox, FlatEdit, HexEdit, ListBox, TreeView fixed.
  • ActiveX: ListView item selection on mouse event fixed.
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