dbForge Studio for SQL Server 5.5.279

10月 10, 2017 - 14:39


Microsoft SQL Server support

  • SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1 (SP1) new syntax support.
  • SQL Server 2017 CTP2 new syntax support.
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse connectivity support.

Code Completion

  • Column match highlighting in INSERT statements.
  • Database element dropping from the prompt in Completion List.
  • Exclude a scheme in the ON condition of the JOIN statement.
  • Connect/disconnect when describing/pre-describing objects of the same database.
  • Query navigation.
  • CASE END pairs highlighting.
  • Extended suggestions in PIVOT/UNPIVOT queries.
  • Extended support for CTE.
  • Prompt and QI of variables in named transactions.
  • CREATE OR ALTER statement support.

SQL Document

  • The query execution history feature can store all the information about all SQL statements executed for the particular period of time. It allows users to track the duration of the executed statements, their status, as well as set filters by the execution date. In addition, you can check who ran the statement and when it was completed.

Data Compare

  • Static Data comparison in Script Folder.
  • Support for MASKED columns.
  • Option to automatically select a key for comparing objects without a suitable unique key.
  • Added option to turn ON\OFF Generation of IF NOT EXISTS on inserting.
  • Possibility to open the comparison wizard instead of the comparison autorun when opening the dcomp files.

Schema Compare

  • Support for External Objects.
  • Support for MASKED columns.
  • Azure v.12 Extended Support.
  • Support for SECURITY POLICY object.
  • Support for Column Encryption Keys.
  • Support for Column Master Keys.
  • Extended support for comparison of SQL Server 2014-2016 backup files.
  • New Database creation through Schema Comparison Master.
  • Redesigned logging in command line.
  • Open the comparison wizard instead of the comparison autorun when opening the scomp files.


  • Documenter tool now supports generation in Markdown format.

Data Generator

  • Storing custom generators.
  • Generate data by time.
  • Generate data to existing tables already populated with data.
  • Generate data using linked table.
  • Pre and post script execution.

Source Control

  • Added authentication capability for VS Online.
  • TFS 2017 support.
  • SourceGear Vault v9.1 support.
  • SourceGear Vault v10.0 support.
  • Surround SCM support.

Index Manager

  • The Command Prompt provides scan results of index analysis including index name, reason, and fragmentation.


  • Each document uses its own connection.
  • Password change on expiry.
  • Keyboard shortcut for selecting connection and assigned database.


  • New tool to monitor SQL Server performance in the online mode.
  • Monitor CPU and memory utilization.
  • Data IO information.
  • Displays information about waits, including its type, resource, a number of waits on this wait type, and more.
  • Database metrics.
  • Query profiling with top operations and plan in XML format.
  • Information about active sessions and database backups.

Other improvements

  • Command-Line Master greatly simplifies command-line usage.
  • Generate Script As redesigned.
  • Express Edition extended with ability to manage table partition.
Generate documentation in Markdown format.

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