jQWidgets 5.7.2

高速で使いやすいJavaScriptのUI SDK。Angular 6をサポート。
4月 23, 2018 - 14:16


  • Adds support for Angular 6.
  • Load jqxListBox, jqxDropDownlist and jqxComboBox by using the Angular *ngFor directive.
  • Load jqxGrid and jqxDataTable by using the Angular *ngFor directive.
  • Dynamically load Angular components into grid cells.
  • New Angular Help tutorials about Routing and Navigation, Dynamic Component Loading and WebPack installation.
  • jqxGrid can be loaded from Table tag by using $.jqx.parseSourceTag method.
  • Angular 6 component integration.


  • Fixed an issue in jqxListBox regarding the loading from Select and UL tags.
  • Fixed an issue in jqwidgets.d.ts file regarding missing jqx:any.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler regarding the edit dialog’s z-index.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler regarding the firstDay localization setting and showWeekends is set to false.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxNotification regarding the dynamically change of templates.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxGrid regarding the sorting when the Grid is grouped.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxFileUpload cancelFile typescript definition.
  • Fixed an issue in the widgets styles regarding an incorrect image.


PC、モバイルデバイス、タッチデバイス用アプリのJavaScript UI


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