DevExpress Windows 10 Apps 18.1

5月 17, 2018 - 15:46


  • Data Grid
    • Auto Filter Row - This update includes an intuitive column based search option. By enabling the Auto-Filter Row (displayed at the top of the grid), users can filter grid contents by individual column values. You can control the search operators used (LIKE, EQUALS, etc.) based on the data type associated with each column.
    • New Item Row - Inspired by Outlook, the Data Grid's New Item Row allows end-users to add new records within the Data Grid. It can be displayed above or below all data/group rows. New API events allow you to initialize and update new records.
    • API Enhancements - The new CellValueChanging event fires when an end-user changes a cell editor's value, and allows you to cancel the changes made, or implement custom value processing/posting.
  • .NET Core 2.0 - With this release, DevExpress UWP controls are based on .Net Core 2.0.
DevExpress Windows 10 Apps

DevExpress Windows 10 Apps



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