TeeGrid for .NET 2018

Visual Studioプロジェクト用の軽量かつ機能満載のデータグリッドコントロール
5月 30, 2018 - 10:10


TeeGrid for .NET offers a very fast data grid for your Visual Studio projects. The feature-packed .NET data grid provides features such as sorting, grouping or filtering grid data, resizable columns, master-detail view, draggable selections, grid scrolling. These built-in features can be enabled using just a few property settings. TeeGrid can be linked to any sort of database, like a Dataset, DataSource, arrays of objects or records, pure 'Virtual Mode' or any other source.

  • Huge data - TeeGrid is capable of handling a very big number of cells. For example 1 billion cells ( 1000 columns by 1 million rows ).
  • Virtual data - VirtualData or derived class to automatically create columns and provide cell values.
  • Grid strings - TeeGrid can be used to easily tabularise string lists.
  • Sub-columns - Any column can have children columns.
  • Individual row heights - Per-row custom height.
  • Row groups - Any row can be expanded to show its detail sub-grid rows. The grid Data class must support master-detail relationships.
  • Totals and SubTotals - Automatic summary "grid bands" can be added to a header or footer, also for "detail" subgrids.
  • Custom cell rendering - Default class for cell rendering is CellRender. Other classes can be used or created to override the default behavior, e.g. to show check-boxes in columns with boolean (true/false) values.
  • Cell text format - Float, date-time formatting strings.
  • Column Visible and Expanded - For sub-columns.
  • Automatic column width or fixed, in pixels or % percent of grid width.
  • Column mouse drag resizing - Dragging the left mouse button in a column header edge resizes it.
  • Automatic scroll bars visibility - Scrollbars are automatically displayed when necessary.
  • Export - Export to web table. Supports output to JSGrid tables.
  • Column ordering - Columns and sub-columns can be re-positioned:
  • Grid Header formatting - Font, back fill, stroke.
  • Grid Header mouse-hover
  • Grid "indicator" column - Left-most column with symbol for current row.
  • Row highlighting - Mouse-hover and selected row formatting.
  • Multi-cell range selection - By mouse and arrow keys.
  • Copy selected cells to clipboard in CSV format, pressing Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert key and also by code.
  • Full selected row highlight.
  • Rows and Columns lines separators - Stroke settings.
  • Cell mouse-hover - Highlights cell under mouse cursor.
  • Alternate row background filling - Back brush, stroke settings.
  • Supports Visual Studio NET.
TeeGrid for .NET

TeeGrid for .NET(英語版)


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