jQWidgets 6.0.6

8月 13, 2018 - 11:22


  • jqxGrid
    • Column rendering when everpresentrow and showfilterrow are enabled.
    • Multi-column sorting when the Grid is empty.
    • Multi-column sorting when the Grid column is with key/value pairs.
    • Data export when exporting a column with currency formatting and the rows count is 1.
    • jqxTreeGrid typescript definitions, when a method or property is set on ngOnInit.
  • jqxCalendar
    • Rendering when firstDayOfWeek is changed.
  • jqxForm
    • Imports and resizing.
    • Typescript definitions.
  • jqxNumberInput
    • Value initialization when the widget is created.
  • jqxDropDownList
    • Rendering of the placeholder in Material themes, when clearSelection method is called.
  • jqxChart
    • Tooltip arrow positioning.
  • jqxListBox
    • Rrendering when the theme is material and custom rendering function is set.
  • jqxScheduler
    • All day checkbox alignment in the dialog.


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