SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL v8.7.0

Monyog MySQLとMariaDBモニタリングツールを改称
8月 20, 2018 - 11:20


SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL is the newest addition to the SQL Diagnostic Manager family from IDERA. Rebranded from the popular Monyog (by Webyog, acquired by IDERA) product for monitoring performance of MySQL and other MySQL compatible databases, SQL Diagnostic Manage (SDM) for MySQL is a comprehensive solution to monitor, alert, and diagnose the availability, health, and performance of MySQL, or MariaDB in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Much like the existing SQL Diagnostic Manager for Microsoft SQL Server, SDM for MySQL addresses the most critical performance management needs of DBAs:

  • Monitor in real-time to take corrective action and resolve significant issues even before they affect end users.
  • Track and compare all changes to the MySQL or MariaDB configuration file to identify the reason for performance issues.
  • Monitor, alert to, and kill locked and long-running SQL queries in real-time to reduce system and database load.
  • Monitor Amazon RDS for MySQL, MariaDB, or Amazon Aurora including operating systems and file-based logs.
  • Find top 10 SQL queries across MySQL or MariaDB servers based on total execution time.
SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL(英語版)

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL:データベース管理者向けの使いやすいデータベースモニタリングツール


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