Handsontable Pro V6.0.0

9月 28, 2018 - 9:42


Multi-column sorting

  • New plugin replaces the old sorting indicators with new ones that more clearly identify whether data is being sorted in ascending or descending order. Also included. are numbers to indicate the sequence of the columns involved in the multi-column sort.
  • The ColumnSorting plugin was refactored changing the sort method. It’s now a pure function, so every call to it will set an entirely new sort order.
  • Three new public API methods were added (getSortConfig, setSortConfig, and clearSort), while three others were rewritten, renamed, and set as private (getNextOrderState, loadSortingState, and saveSortingState).
  • New headerAction option added to make it possible to disable the action of sorting a column when you click on its header.
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