ExpressGridPack 18.1.6

10月 10, 2018 - 10:35


ExpressEditors Library

  • A TcxContainer descendant scales incorrectly if its ParentFont property is False and the Anchor property has a non-default value.
  • cxDateEdit - An AV occurs on expanding a drop-down calendar in Touch mode if the time range between the system and displayed dates exceeds a month, and the Properties.View property is set to cavClassic or cavModern.
  • cxLabel - The Properties.ShowEndEllipsis property value is ignored if the Properties.Alignment.Horz property is set to taCenter.

ExpressPrinting System

  • Multiline text is truncated in printouts or exported PDF documents in certain cases.
  • PDF Viewer Report Link - The "Auto" page orientation selected in the Print dialog does not update to a new page orientation selected in the printer's Document Properties dialog.
  • Scheduler Report Link - An event content's layout in the TimeGrid View is calculated incorrectly for Modern-Style UI if the View's EventDetailInfo property is True.
  • Scheduler Report Link - TimeGrid View — An event's content layout is calculated incorrectly if the event width does not fit into a single printout page.
  • Scheduler Report Link - TimeGrid View - An event's start and end time are displayed in the client area if the event duration is more than one day.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Banded Table View - The drop-down Quick Band Customization list incorrectly repaints items arranged into multiple columns in response to clicking item check boxes.
  • Conditional Formatting - The "Expression" and "Cell Is" conditional formatting rules do not save character case changes applied to expression strings.
  • Make sorting applied by the drop-down Quick Band/Column Customization list's Sorted command case-insensitive and ANSI ordered, regardless of the View's DataController.Options property settings.
  • Master-Detail - A detail Layout View does not display separator items in certain cases.
  • Server Mode - The View does not sort records by values of a column that provides date/time grouping values.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - The "Could not convert variant of type (unicodestring) into type (integer)" exception occurs on scrolling the View when its data is being edited with an in-place cxLookupComboBox editor.
  • The Field Chooser dialog scales incorrectly.
  • The Quick Band/Column Customization drop-down list ignores the Up Arrow keystroke if the View's OptionsCustomize.BandsQuickCustomizationShowCommands or OptionsCustomize.ColumnsQuickCustomizationShowCommands property is set to False.

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • Collapsing a node with a double-click scrolls the content and clicks a node located under the mouse pointer.
  • Make sorting applied by the drop-down Quick Band/Column Customization list's Sorted command case-insensitive and ANSI ordered, regardless of the tree list's OptionsData property settings.
  • The tree list filters nodes very slowly or freezes an application in certain cases.
  • The tree list stops scrolling up the content using the mouse wheel if the bottom edge clips a selected node.

ExpressSkins Library

  • Form - TheBezier skin - The form's caption height is incorrectly calculated if the monitor DPI is not 96.


  • A hyperlink doesn't display its referenced cell using the R1C1 reference style.
  • A spreadsheet document is loading slowly if it has the "Duplicate Values" and/or "Unique Values" conditional formatting rules applied to cell ranges populated with values of different types.





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