Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms 18.1(ビルド18.1.20181.237)

10月 16, 2018 - 9:08


  • AppStylist
    • App styling is not applied to "fx" in the selected tab of the formula builder.
  • Chart
    • Application slowdown when quickly changing series brush.
    • Legend are not getting updated when changing the datasource.
    • LegendItemMouse events do not work in Windows Forms.
  • Combo
    • Vertical scrollbar is shown even when not needed.
    • Exception when Returning False from ShouldDisplayText on UltraDropDown and dropping down an AddNewRow cell.
  • DataChart
    • In the DataChart setting the interval value hang the application.
    • Out Of Range Exception when adding Series to DataChart.
    • Arrow pointer on the CategoryTooltipLayer is fuchsia.
    • LinearGradientBrushes do not draw in the Legend.
  • Excel
    • Assert: "This is unexpected" when loading a Workbook with a Fill Color Sort.
    • Excel Library throwing NullReferenceException' exception.
  • Grid
    • Binding the grid to a datasource with over 20,000 columns takes a long time.
    • NullReferenceException occurs with pressing tab key.
    • AutoSizing a column that is using a FormattedTextEditor and a DataFilter is not AutoSizing correctly based on the displayed text.
    • Depending on the column order of disabled columns, TemplateOnTopWithTabRepeat may not work correctly.
    • Grid showing misalignment , appears scrambled after new cell validation.
    • Exception encountered when interacting with property grid.
    • Using the WrapHeaderText property hang the application in version 18.1.20181.177.
    • Memory leak exists when using the same instance of an editor in a column in the UltraGrid.
    • Grid designer crashes if you attempt to add a child band when there is an existing column that has the same key.
  • RadialGauge
    • Incorrect needle position.
  • Schedule
    • Incomplete date being displayed on a UltraTimelineView for Japanese culture.
  • SpreadSheet
    • ArgumentOutOfRangeException in Infragistics.Win assembly with frozen row.
    • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when pasting in Type field (Format cells dialog).
    • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when changing Sort on with deleted Sort by column.
    • ArgumentOutOfRangeException on Cut/Paste - Infragistics.Documents.Excel.Worksheet.GetColumnPosition(Int32 columnIndex).
    • Shrink to Fit not applied after Sort Left to Right.
    • NRE in format cells dialog after choosing Custom with empty Type.
  • TabControl
    • UltraTabControl throwing ArgumentOutOfRangeException when TabLayoutStyle set to MultiRows.
  • Toolbars
    • UltraToolbarsManager throwing InvalidOperationException exception for empty tabs.
  • ToolbarsManager
    • Shortcut text for popup menu tools are misaligned.
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