Oxygen XML Web Author V20.1.1

10月 20, 2018 - 9:29


  • Design
    • Improved Design on the Visual Editor Interface - The overall design of the Web Author interface has been improved. For example, new default fonts for built-in frameworks make documents more readable, the color scheme was updated, and several icons were improved. Also, if a Retina/HiDPI icon is present in the same folder as the normal icon, Web Author will automatically load the high definition icon when needed.
    • Dashboard Redesigned and Streamlined - The Web Author Dashboard has been redesigned to make it easier to browse for and create documents. The inline file browser is more intuitive for each type of repository (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, WebDAV and SharePoint). You also have the possibility of configuring a URL parameter to navigate directly to a project's root folder.
    • New Document Template Chooser - The design of the template chooser has been improved. The dialog box that appears when creating a new document has been redesigned to make it easier to find the specific template you want. The templates are grouped based on specific frameworks and types, and the most popular templates for each framework are listed first. The most popular templates also include descriptions to help you understand the use for the specific template.
    • Transparent Find/Replace Dialog Box - The Find/Replace dialog box has been made partially transparent. This means you can always see the content while searching for specific text.
    • Form Control Improvements - The rendering of the pop-up form control has been improved to have a more modern design. Retina/HiDPI images are also supported in the form controls.
  • DITA
    • Display Mode - When a DITA map is opened in Web Author, the DITA Map framework-specific toolbar now includes a Display Mode drop-down menu where you can select one of three display modes. You can choose to display the map with the topic references shown, or display the map with both titles and topic references shown, or display the map with all of the topic content expanded in a preview mode.
    • Create New Topic in a DITA Map - You now have the ability to create a new DITA topic directly in a DITA map. When a map is opened in the editor, there is a new Insert New Topic toolbar button that creates a new topic and inserts a reference to it at the current location.
    • DITA Map Rendering Improved - The overall appearance of DITA maps now has a more modern and uncluttered look. Fonts were improved to make them more readable and attributes are no longer shown in the editing pane. Also, certain attributes have an inline Edit button to make it easy to change the value, and icons appear next to topic refs that have the print or toc attribute set to no.
    • Apply Image Map Action - You now have the ability to apply an image map on an already existing image. The Apply Image Map action is available in the contextual menu when invoked on an image and it opens the Image Map Editor where you can define the shapes and areas to be mapped, it wraps the image with the imagemap element, and automatically adds the other required elements. Once you close the Image Map Editor, you can then choose the target links for the mapped areas.
  • Editing
    • AutoCorrect Words can be Customized - You now have the ability to customize the list of terms that define which misspelled words the AutoCorrect feature automatically changes.
    • Delete Element from Breadcrumb - It is now easier to delete an element along with its contents. The contextual menu of the breadcrumb now has a Delete Element action and invoking it on a particular element will delete the element and everything contained within that element.
  • Review
    • Improved Filtering in Review Panel - When using the filter field in the Review panel, you can now filter based on words inserted in the tracked changes and highlighted content.
    • Review Items Found in Referenced Content - If there is a content reference with a comment that was inserted in a source document, you can see the comment in the current document and you can use an Edit Reference action to open the source document where you can reply to the comment, edit it, or mark it as done.
    • Improvements to Comment Thread Highlighting - If you have multiple replies to comments, or comments added on content contained within another comment, the whole thread is highlighted in the Review panel, making it easier to identify groups of comments.
  • Other
    • Image Rendering Improvements - When rendering images and image maps, Web Author now takes the width and height attributes into account, as well as the corresponding CSS properties.
    • GitLab Submodules Supported - Web Author now provides support for GitLab submodules. Simply enabling an option will provide the ability to browse and edit files stored in a submodule.
    • Java 11 Compatible - Web Author has been tested and is compatible with Java 11.
    • Web Author Component Easier to Use - Simplified the way in which the Web Author Component can be used to build custom applications powered by Web Author. There is a sample project on GitHub that will help you get started.
    • Installers Support HTTPS by Default - The Windows, Linux, and All Platforms distributions of Web Author now support HTTPS protocol by default.
    • Edit Mode Widget on Mobile Devices - On mobile devices, it is now easier to switch to Edit mode with the introduction of a new widget.
    • Performance Improvements for Large Documents - If a document has a large amount of spelling errors or validation warnings, only a limited number of errors/warnings will be displayed when the document is opened. This improves performance, especially for large documents.
  • API
    • XMLNodeRendererCustomizer for Customizing Placeholders - When creating a custom framework, it is now possible to define custom placeholders using the XMLNodeRendererCustomizer API implementation.
  • Plugins
    • Manage Custom Spell Check Dictionaries - An open-source plugin is available on GitHub for adding learned and forbidden words to the spell checking functionality in Web Author. The custom list of words can be referenced from a local file or URL.
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