IDM All Access - 2018年10月リリース

10月 29, 2018 - 11:58


New in UEStudio v18.20

  • Markdown support
    • Preview Markdown files (via Coding » Live preview or Browser view).
    • Preview is compatible with GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM).
    • Select different styles for Markdown rendering (or add your own).
    • Special Markdown syntax highlighting (with new MARKDOWN_LANG) language marker.
    • Support for embedded HTML highlighting.
  • Live HTML preview
    • Split window with code view and browser view.
    • Code changes (saved and unsaved) are automatically updated in browser view.
    • Position sync: Double-click on element in preview to jump to its location in source.
    • Configure under Advanced » Settings » Editor » XML / HTML / Markdown.
    • Updated HTML rendering component to support modern HTML / CSS / JS.
    • Added support for copying (via Ctrl + C) selected text.
  • Git improvements
    • New / modified repository files shown at top of file list in both Explorer and Project pane.
    • Update / refresh remote branches from Branch Manager.
    • Resize Branch Manager columns.
    • Git options available in Workspace Manager's "Open" tab context menu.
    • Various performance improvements.
  • Save state
    • Close UEStudio without being prompted to save anything, then pick up where you left off – unsaved changes are restored.
    • Works for local, network, FTP, and even unsaved "Edit" files.
    • Prefer prompts to save? Disable this feature under Advanced » Settings » File handling » Session options.
  • Close unsaved Edit files with no prompt to save
    • This optional feature can be set under Advanced » Settings » File handling » Session options.
  • Improvements for IntelliTips / auto-complete.
  • Improved file tab handling on startup.
  • Changed default temporary file location.

New in UltraCompare v18.10

  • User interface enhancements
    • "Drop here" targets for all modes.
    • Increase / decrease font size for all modes.
    • Welcome page advertises all types of compares.
  • Set font for folder mode.
  • Automatic compare after both compare frames loaded (optional).
  • Updated browser view component for improved HTML / CSS rendering.
  • Improvements and fixes for:
    • Comparing FTP files from UE / UES.
    • Save result (text format).
    • Ignore whitespace.
    • Navigating differences.
    • Scrolling / scroll bar display.
    • 3-way text compare.
    • Inline editing.
    • Active line window.
    • Text compare via web URL.
    • Large / long text file compare.
    • Folder mode display with filters active.
New features added to UEStudio and UltraCompare.

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