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11月 22, 2018 - 15:25


  • GUI Testing - Designed to fully exercise Graphical User Interfaces.
  • Functional Testing - Write functional requirements test scripts.
  • Regression Testing - Execute your tests many times without changing the script, even if the application has changed since test creation.
  • Keyword-driven Testing - Design your tests as executable Excel sheets or XML files.
  • Data-driven Testing - Use Excel, CSV and XML files to create data-driven test suites and implement data retrieval from any DBMS or custom source.
  • Continuous Integration - Easily integrate automated testing in your CI environment.
  • Custom Extensions - Offers an extension mechanism to customize functionality to better fit your domain and technology needs including custom controls and keywords (actions) libraries.
  • Image Recognition - Work on the images handled by your application or identify and locate GUI objects and custom objects.
  • Eclipse Integration - The plug-in for Eclipse is designed to give you a reliable, efficient and integrated environment in which build and run Maveryx test cases.
Maveryx Test Automation Framework

Maveryx Test Automation Framework(英語版)



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