MindFusion.Diagramming for ASP.NET V6.2

12月 03, 2018 - 16:21


  • Flowchart graph layout - Recognizes program code-like patterns in graphs, such as loops, sequences and if/switch branches, and arranges them recursively.
  • Path finding - The PathFinder class provides methods that help you find paths and cycles in a graph:
    • findShortestPath finds the shortest path between two DiagramNode objects.
    • findLongestPath finds the longest path between the specified DiagramNode objects.
    • findCycle detects whether the specified DiagramNode participates in a cycle.
    • findAllPaths finds all paths that exist between two DiagramNode objects.
    • findAllCycles finds all cycles in the underlying diagram.
  • Embedded hyperlinks - Nodes and Text components can now contain tags to create hyperlinks.
  • Container improvements
    • resizeToFitText method and EnableStyledText property added to the ContainerNode class.
    • containerChildRemoved event now also raised when dragging multiple selected child nodes out of a container.
    • Improved handling of folded containers by automatic layout classes and link routing methods.
  • Visio2013Exporter improvements
    • Now fully renders table, container and composite nodes.
    • Renders custom nodes that draw themselves through the IGraphics interface.
    • Coordinates of exported link end points are now assigned Visio formulas and follow the borders of resized nodes.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The Text property of nodes and links has been moved to the base DiagramItem class allowing for easier text search and edit operations in the diagram.
    • The Caption property of container and table nodes now only wraps the base Text property.
    • Map and Visio nodes now render Text.
    • Typescript definitions now available for the Diagramming.Lanes namespace.
    • Auto-arranged link labels now can optionally be placed over link segments and containers by setting diagram's AutoArrangeAvoidSegments and AutoArrangeAvoidContainers properties to false.
    • Improved text alignment for DiagramLink texts.
    • The serializeTag event lets you save complex Tag and Id objects in XML format.
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