ExpressQuantumPack 18.2.3

12月 14, 2018 - 11:21


ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Server Mode - An AV occurs on applying a filter to the View whose OptionsSelection.MultiSelect property is set to True and the DataController.Summary.Options property value includes the soMultipleSelectedRecords flag.
  • The "RowIndex out of range" exception occurs in certain cases when applying a filter to the selection and then clicking any record while holding down the Shift key if the View's OptionsSelection.MultiSelect property is set to True.

ExpressSkins Library

  • Applying a skin for the first time resets skin options set in the Project Skin Options Editor if a project has no SKINCFG file.


  • Conditional Formatting - Formulas specified in the Data Bar, Icon Set, and Color Scale formatting rules are not localized.

Installation (VCL)

  • The "Functions that differ only in their return type cannot be overloaded" error occurs on compiling a C++Builder project in RAD Studio 10.3 Rio.
  • The "Package XXX.bpl can't be installed because it is not a design time package" error referring to a DevExpress package occurs on launching the IDE after installing v18.2.2.





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