CodeRush 18.2.5

1月 02, 2019 - 16:46


  • Code Cleanup - The "Use expression bodies" cleanup rule makes expression-bodied properties read-only
  • IntelliRush - Visual Studio 2019 Preview - Committing a selected item by pressing the "Enter" key adds a redundant blank line
  • Performance - CodeRush slows down in Visual Studio 2017 when debugging (or in debug mode)
  • Refactorings - The Pull member up refactoring throws an InvalidOperationException exception in Visual Basic code
  • Selection – The Comment/Uncomment selection does not work in XAML if existing comments are selected
  • Settings - Characters entered at the end of the found text are displayed at the beginning of a template in the template editor
  • Settings - Shortcuts’ text is entered incorrectly in shortcuts settings if the Dvorak keyboard layout is used
  • Static Code Analysis - The "Possible System.NullReferenceException" diagnostic works incorrectly in switch statements with the pattern type




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