Aspose.Words for Android via Java V18.12

Java 11と互換性あり
1月 03, 2019 - 17:04


  • Added Java 11 compatibility.
  • Added utility class added to check external image libraries.
  • Implemented WMF font scaling, according to metafile size on the page.
  • Improved the default font fallback mechanism.
  • Optimized Metafile from SVG rendering to skip redundant line segments.
  • Implemented support for RTL comments rendering, e.g. Arabic.
  • Improved hyphenation logic for multiple cases.
  • Improved page numbering for sections starting in new columns.
  • Improved table row alignment.
  • Improved tab stop calculations with paragraph indents.
  • Improved table breaking logic for numerous complex cases.
  • Improved handling of character compression within mixed left-to-right/right-to-left text.
Aspose.Words for Android via Java

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