TeeSuite for .NET 2019

TeeChart for .NET 2019のアップデートと不具合の修正を含む
2月 14, 2019 - 14:49


  • Fixed in TeeChart for .NET 2019:
    • ActivityGauge series throws unhandled errors at designtime when opening a form.
    • Export Series Marks Style and Format to missing from JavaScript.
    • Colors are always exported with transparency to JavaScript.
    • Export NewLines (\r\n) in Labels to JavaScript.
    • Export HorizBar Gradient to JavaScript.
    • Some shadows and pens/strokes aren't exported to JavaScript.
    • Arrow Marks aren't exported to JavaScript.
    • Improve Bar and CustomBar export to JavaScript.
    • Disable "hover" when exporting to JavaScript.
TeeSuite for .NET

TeeSuite for .NET(英語版)

Visual Studio .NET用のグラフとグリッドコンポーネント


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