Rainbow PDF Office Server Document Converter (OSDC) v7.0 MR1

Microsoft Office 2019に対応する新しい機能を追加
2月 28, 2019 - 17:52


  • New features correspond to Microsoft Office 2019:
    • Drawing: Use pens, Convert ink to shapes (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
    • 3D Models (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
    • Insert new icons (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
    • Create math equations using LaTeX syntax (Word).


  • Vulnerability report from Cisco
    • Cisco TALOS-2019-0780: NumProperties code execution vulnerability #19517.
  • Conversion from Word (DOCX)
    • The spacing between the lines with enclose character became narrow.
    • The spacing between vertical lines became narrow.
    • Footnotes were not displayed correctly. #18670.
    • The height of the rows in the table was incorrect. #18670.
    • was not displayed with the font type exactly as specified in Word.
    • The amount of the space between lines was not output correctly.
    • Conversion processing took time when long character string was included.
    • If there were multiple linear equations in the same line, they were not converted correctly.
  • Conversion from Word (DOC)/RTF/WordML
    • RTF files caused crash. #19366.
    • Corrected to generate an error message (WARNIG) when a file format is incorrect. #19366.
    • Text wrapping around an object didn't work.
    • The space between letters became narrow.
    • The output order of the shapes in the header/footer was incorrect.
  • Conversion from Excel (XLSX)
    • Drawing of the chart was disturbed, and it took time to display.
    • When there were many changes in column width, cell attributes, reading error occurred.
  • Conversion from PowerPoint (PPTX)
    • White characters were output in black when converting from PPTX to PDF.
    • PPTX files caused crash.
  • Conversion from PDF
    • An application error occurred when converting from PDF to PNG.
  • Conversion from Images
    • Problems occurred when converting images with unusually high resolutions.
  • Conversion from TIFF to PDF
    • An error occurred while converting from TIFF to PDF.
Rainbow PDF Office Server Document Converter (OSDC)

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