Liquid Studio Data Designer Edition 2019

Excelデータマッパーコンポーネントを更新、Visual Studio 2019拡張機能をサポート
March 05, 2019 - 12:35


  • New Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Extension Support
    • Liquid Studio 2019 includes updated Microsoft Visual Studio Extension.
  • New Dark Theme
    • Liquid Studio 2019 includes a new Dark Theme when running on Windows 10. The Dark Theme is also applied when running Microsoft Visual Studio Extensions.
  • New Excel Data Mapper Components
    • The Data Mapper now includes 'Excel Data Source' and 'Excel Data Target' components, allowing data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to be directly integrated within the data transformation process. The Wizard driven interface provides the options to read and write Worksheets, Tables and Named Ranges.
  • New VistaDB Support
    • The Database Wizard now supports reading and writing to VistaDB databases, along with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and SQLite.
  • New JSON Graphical Grid Editor
    • JSON data can now be viewed and edited in the graphical Grid Editor view.
  • New XML Schema Set Editor and Validator
    • A new editor has been included to provide functionality to view, edit and validate XML Schema (XSD, RelaxNG and Schematron). Schema analysis shows duplicate definitions and errors within the included schema.
  • Liquid Studio and XML Editors
    • XML Intellisense has been improved and optimised for Substitution Groups.
    • XML Sample Builder has been improved for XSD patterns.
    • Large File Editor includes improved UTF-8 Support and support for corrupt files.
    • JSON Editor has improved intellisense and auto complete functionality.
    • XPath performance has been optimised.
    • XSD Editor extension for Visual Studio has improved integration.
  • Liquid Data Mapper
    • ReadFile component allows text files to be read as a string.
    • WriteFile component allows text to be written/appended to a file.
    • Output Param component allows the transform to return a results set.
    • Output data added to CSV, EDI, JSON and XML writer components to allow data to be passed from the writer and used in another component rather than forcing it to be written to a file.
    • ReSync structure option in CSV reader allows changes in the structure of the CSV file to be re-read.
Liquid Studio Data Designer Edition

Liquid Studio Data Designer Edition



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