Liquid Studio 2019 (17.0.5)

March 28, 2019 - 9:29


  • Added Custom Headers option to Web Services in Data Mapper.
  • Added new Encode and Decode Data Mapper components.
  • Added Liquid XML Objects C# sample project.


  • Important fix for XML Data Binding Wizard from crash reports.
  • Fixed issue with Large File Editor colors in Dark Theme.
  • Fixed issue with TLS 1.2 in Data Mapper generated code.
  • Stability fixes from user feedback and crash reports.
  • Fixed issue with adding Excel component to Data Mapper.
  • Moved Examples to User Documents folder.
  • Fixed XML Data Binding Wizard Help links.
  • Fixed issue with Database support in Data Mapper Runtime for .Net Standard.
  • Fixed Large File Editor end of file crash.
  • General Fixes.
Liquid Studio Web Service Data Mapping.

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