IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1.1

4月 18, 2019 - 10:53



  • Show tasks colors in Gradle tool window.

Java Inspections

  • ReturnOfNull java inspection should have an option to ignore lambdas.

Platform API

  • Allow plugins to contribute additional details into description template used by 'Submit a bug report' action.
  • Allow the UndoRedoAction to use the JB UndoManager for a JTextComponent.


  • Recognize MethodInvokingFactoryBean when resolving bean type.

User Interface Controls

  • Find and Find-in-path to select word under the caret automatically.

Version Control Git

  • Add option to override git credential.helper.


  • Instant image preview of encoded SVG data.


  • JavaScript Debug: Rerun to current URL.
  • JavaFx availability check before webconsole usage.


  • Specify language injection in a json-schema file.


  • Add styling option for keys in ES6 destructuring assigment.
  • Support Unicode property escapes.
  • JS/TS: add postfix template to surround expression with call.
  • Provide fixes to create object literal properties from unresolved usage.
  • Add code completion for webpack config that returns promise.
  • Missing color for the name of a function expression.
  • JavaScript quick doc: add syntax highlighting in the definition section.

JavaScript Frameworks

  • Allow a way to override package.json check for Angular 2+.
  • Generate debug configuration for angular/cli.


  • Support for LESS Maps.


  • TypeScript / JavaScript: allow relative imports for files under path mappings.
  • Update bundled TypeScript to 3.4.
  • Syntax highlighting in the quick navigate tooltip.

Unit Tests

  • cucumber.js support only sees steps written as regular expressions.

DB Connectivity

  • Store password for work session.
  • Possibility to configure icons for custom data sources.

DB General

  • Please add an indication for foreign key with ON DELETE or ON UPDATE actions.

Navigation & Search

  • Within the "Recent files" popup, Ctrl-Q/Ctrl-Shift-I on table views should popup the definition, same as in the database view.

SQL Highlighting

  • Inspection for inserted/deleted in MS SQL trigger.
  • Inspection for ISNULL builtin function.

SQL Resolve

  • ClickHouse Kafka engine unknown.
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