DevExtreme 18.2.8

4月 26, 2019 - 11:20


DevExtreme Core

  • CustomStore - The "load" function is called for each initially selected item in DropDownBox

DevExtreme Data Grid

  • A column is shown in the header panel with a delay when the corresponding item is checked in the column chooser
  • A column's minWidth option does not work if column width is defined in percents
  • Focusing two new rows changes their key field value
  • Highlighted rows are not updated during the search
  • LoadPanel appears on resizing after a datasource error
  • The "Select All" check box doesn't work correctly if infinite scrolling is used and remote operatons are enabled
  • The editCellTemplate event fires when leaving the edited cell
  • The fixed column width becomes incorrect after expanding a detail row
  • The focus method does not have any effect under certain conditions
  • DataGrid selects only rendered rows in virtual mode when the Select All check box is clicked

DevExtreme Data Visualization

  • Chart - Size for value labels is reserved even if they are not displayed
  • Chart - The series order does not match the argument axis order when it is inverted
  • RangeSelector does not allow resetting the value option

DevExtreme Html Editor

  • HtmlEditor ignores scrolling if it is placed in the ScrollView

DevExtreme Pivot Grid

  • It is impossible to access a data field in the calculateSummaryValue callback function

DevExtreme Scheduler

  • Appointments are re-rendered every time the browser window is resized
  • Appointments are re-rendered every time the browser window is resized
  • Moving a single appointment causes UI freezing if the timelineDay view is used
  • The repeat switch does not initially work correctly when editing an appointment occurence
  • The widget hangs on editing a recurrent appointment for the second time
  • Scheduler displays all-day appointments only after the current view is changed

DevExtreme UI Widgets

  • DataGrid - The widget placed in Google Maps InfoWindow does not allow grouping columns using drag and drop
  • DropDownBox - Scrolling is not working if dxDataGrid or dxTreeList is placed to the dropdown
  • Menu - A submenu is not automatically closed on scrolling the page after the upgrade to v18.2.4
  • SelectBox - The "this._dataSource is undefined" error message is shown if the dataSource field is set to null
  • TabPanel - The widget doesn't recalculate its tab layout on changing the width option or the container width
  • Tabs with long text are cut off even if the header container has sufficient width
  • The NumberBox value is not selected after focusing the editor via Tab navigation in IE and Edge





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