DevExpress DXperience 18.2.8

4月 26, 2019 - 11:26


All Platforms

  • Visual Studio 2019: better menu and toolbox integration, improved Layout Assistant performance in WinForms applications

ASP.NET WebForms / MVC

Grid View

  • Improved code render in Accessibility Compliance mode allows for easier column header drag-and-drop initiation
  • Custom CSS settings can be applied to individual columns in adaptive layout
  • Format conditions and alternating row styles can both be enabled in exported documents

Html Editor

  • Improved Accessibility support for font settings controls


  • Document state request support in Web Farm environments
  • Enhanced support for Worksheet Display Area when loading documents that have content outside of the specified region


  • Updated adaptive layout calculation when the control is placed inside the DevExpress ASP.NET Splitter

Rich Editor

  • Enhanced layout calculation and render for floating objects and tables displayed next to each other

Data Editors and Utility Controls

  • Combo Box, Date Editor: improved Internet Explorer 11 support
  • Menu: render improvements for Safari on iOS
  • Improved Page Control integration into Popup Control


Data Grid

  • New localization resources for Edit Form caption, Search Control in Excel-style filter popup
  • Windows Explorer View – fine-tuned scrollbar behavior


  • Improved support for SVG color palettes in borderless toolbars
  • Taskbar Manager – new capability to flash a window to inform the user that it requires attention but does not currently have keyboard focus

Pivot Grid

  • Customization Form now allows users to Expand / Collapse all folders at once

Rich Editor

  • Improved no-blur render for cropped images  
  • The control better emulates Microsoft Word in how it handles tab stops
  • Localization enhancements: new resource for “In line with text” menu item, better layout for Document Properties dialog


  • Recurrence controls now better adjust to Touch Scale Factor changes


  • You can now create a Ribbon control or a toolbar and populate it with a predefined set of Spreadsheet-related commands in code
  • Optional visibility for outline symbols
  • Users can now edit a formula using a Function Arguments dialog and select a range from another worksheet


  • The control returns precise hit information results when used in an environment with custom DPI settings

Layout Manager

  • Improved render for Custom Header Buttons in environments with Hi-DPI settings
  • ColorPickEdit now available as one of the data editor choices in Data Source Binding Manager
  • Improved drag-and-drop algorithm for items arranged using a Table Layout

Map Control

  • Precise render for MapPath segments when the DirectX painter is used
  • Correct load order for overlapping SVG shapes

Tree List

  • Drag-and-drop icon indicators now support Hi-DPI screens

Tree Map

  • Improved data processing performance

Vertical Grid

  • Improved refresh performance when users resize the container form


Data Grid

  • Column header buttons now declare accessibility-friendly names
  • Accessibility narrator improvements for easier navigation within the Automatic Filter Row
  • Optimized CPU resource consumption when the control is bound to an InfiniteAsyncSource
  • Improved memory management during Export to Excel operations

Ribbon Control

  • Accessibility narrator takes element visibility into account
  • Improved item arrangement algorithm for Ribbon controls displayed within ElementHost
  • Enhanced caption alignment and element spacing when lightweight templates are applied


  • Improved appearance for check items in VS2017Dark skin
  • Accessibility Narrator support improvements for hidden Menu Items and Toggle Switch controls


  • Theme support for the CellInplaceEditorControl
  • Optimized scrolling performance in Timeline View


  • High-quality shape export to PDF
  • The capability to prevent comment box display when a user hovers a cell with the mouse pointer

Chart Control

  • Accessibility Narrator support improvements for axis scroll buttons, hidden axis labels, and check-box style legend items

Map Control

  • Enhanced touch support for the Search Panel

Property Grid

  • Improved trimming algorithm for property name display
  • If no object is selected, the Description panel is automatically hidden, and selected property path is cleared

Rich Editor

  • Memory management enhancements if the control is used in a background thread
  • Improved render for the “underline” style at various document zoom factors

PDF Viewer

  • Improved rotation settings support for editors in interactive forms
  • Search operations can now start from the current page

Data Editors

  • All editors now support the AutomationProperties.Name property
  • Date Editor: improved support for the Persian calendar type
  • Progress Bar: now supports the Foreground property
  • Toggle Switch: updated render in SE themes


  • Aggregate functions are now available in the Expression Editor that has been invoked for a Color property
  • HTML5 Document Viewer: better cross-browser support for the Signature editor when used on touch screens
  • Enhanced memory management for JsonDataSource and Expression Editor
  • “ASP.NET Core Reporting” project template is now fully compatible the “New Report Class” item template
  • ASP.NET WebForms / MVC: all UI elements can now be localized on the client-side
  • ASP.Net WebForms / MVC: multiple Document Viewer can be added to the same page without restrictions


Data Grid

  • Immediate header panel update when a column is checked within the Column Chooser window
  • Improved render for group rows in RTL layout if the control displays bands and fixed columns

Data Visualization

  • Improved value label render for bar and circular gauges when users resize the browser window
  • Enhanced layout calculation for value labels in Chart control

Pivot Grid

  • Fewer, better-optimized data requests when the control is connected to a custom data source

Html Editor

  • Improved integration with the ScrollView widget


  • Adjustments for recurrent appointment display on “daylight savings time” days
  • Optimized appointment refresh when users resize the browser window
  • Optimized appointment drag-and-drop operations in the “timelineDay” view

UI Widgets

  • DropDownBox: improved scrolling support when a Data Grid or Tree List are integrated into the dropdown
  • TabPanel: optimized layout recalculation when the container width changes
  • TabPanel: enhanced header text trimming algorithm
  • NumberBox: better focus operation support in Internet Explorer and Edge

XPO (Object-Relational Mapping)

  • Data Model Wizard now displays properties for classes from other assemblies and generates cleaner VB.NET code
  • Support for RAW(n) columns when working with Oracle data sources
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