MindFusion.Java Swing Pack 2019.R1

Diagramming for Java Swingにボタン、チェックボックス、編集、数値の編集、スライダー、および回転コンポジットノードの各コンポーネントを追加
5月 22, 2019 - 14:12


  • JavaFX dependencies removed from all components in the pack.
  • Diagramming for Java Swing
    • New CompositeNode components - Component classes that support user interaction can now be used as part of CompositeNode templates:
      • ButtonComponent implements clickable buttons inside nodes.
      • CheckBoxComponent represents a check-box that lets users select true / false values.
      • EditComponent implements editable text area.
      • NumericEditComponent implements number-entry area.
      • SliderComponent allows selecting a value from numerical range by dragging a slider.
      • SpinnerComponent represents a spin-edit component.
    • Improved FlowchartLayout - FlowchartLayout can now arrange more types of graphs, no longer requiring them to represent strictly-nested source code structures.
  • Spreadsheet for Java Swing
    • The Editable property added to Cell class lets you prevent users from changing cell's content.
    • Show rotated cell text by setting the Rotation style property.
    • Show double underlined cell text by setting the FontDoubleUnderline style property.
    • Prevent users from resizing rows and columns by setting the AllowResizeHeaders property.
    • The inplaceEditStarting event is now raised by the formula bar too.
    • CSV importer fixes.
  • MindFusion Virtual Keyboard
    • Added dispose method used to stop the auto-repeat timer. Calling it is necessary if disposing the parent frame in response to keyboard's own key-press event.
    • Setting the TemplateLayout property now automatically changes Mode to Custom.
MindFusion.Java Swing Pack

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