DevExpress VCL Subscription 18.2.8

6月 06, 2019 - 7:59


ExpressBars Suite

  • TdxBarCustomPopupMenu and descendants - A bar's popup menu is always scaled according to the monitor DPI, even if the menu's invoker is programmatically scaled to a different target DPI.
  • TdxRibbonStatusBar - An AV occurs when an editor on the status bar's toolbar panel receives focus if the Ribbon property is set to nil.
  • TdxStatusBar - The font of an individual panel scales twice if the panel's PanelStyle.ParentFont property is set to True, and the system DPI does not equal 96.
  • TdxTabbedMDIManager - A child MDI form's TdxRibbon control is displayed on the form for a brief moment before being merged with the parent form's TdxRibbon control on switching between MDI child forms.


  • Server Mode - A column whose Properties property is incorrectly unassigned displays certain non-string data types.

ExpressEditors Library

  • cxLabel - An editor is scaled incorrectly if it is anchored to the right edge of its parent and has an associated style controller.
  • cxLookupComboBox - The EditValue property value can change to Null Variant if the Properties.DropDownListStyle property is set to lsFixedList, and the ifoUseContainsOperator flag is in the Properties.IncrementalFilteringOptions property value.
  • Increasing the Filter Builder dialog's font size displays a horizontal scrollbar.
  • TcxCustomTextEdit and descendants - The CursorPos property returns an incorrect value in certain cases.
  • TcxDBRichEdit - An entire editor content becomes selected when the Style.Color property value changes.


  • SVG Images - Certain images in a 64-bit application are parsed incorrectly.
  • The dxSetProcessDpiAwareness global function in the dxDPIAwareUtils unit does not work under Windows 10 version 1607 and newer.


  • A text can be invisible if it uses a custom-encoded PostScript Type 1 embedded into a loaded document.
  • Incorrect font glyphs are displayed for characters in a text that uses an embedded font whose 'hhea' table is omitted.
  • The default button field states are displayed incorrectly for the fields whose values are unspecified in a loaded PDF document.

ExpressPivotGrid Suite

  • Data fields have incorrect widths if the "TheBezier" skin is applied.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Chart View - NULL grouped chart values cannot be drilled down.
  • cxExtLookupComboBox - An AV occurs on closing an in-place editor's dropdown window with filtered items if the TcxGrid control uses hybrid scrollbars.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - Horizontal scrolling cannot bring certain columns into view if the View's OptionsView.ColumnAutoWidth property is set to True and the Options.AutoWidthSizable property is set to False for one or more columns.

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • The ikMultiArrow indicator cell icon is not displayed for a focused node that is the only node selected in the tree list.

ExpressRichEdit Control

  • An HTML document is loaded very slowly if it contains a link whose URL does not specify a protocol.
  • Opening a DOCX file that contains a duplicate or empty xmlns attribute causes the "Duplicates not allowed" error.

ExpressScheduler Suite

  • An event doesn't assign its Data property on calling the event's Assign method.
  • Events are hidden for resources if certain non-matching strings are assigned as their identifiers.


  • A custom in-place cell editor that overrides the default editor via an OnEditing event handler, scales twice when invoked for the first time on a monitor whose DPI differs from 96.
  • A defined name that refers to an external document is loaded incorrectly from an XLS file.
  • A worksheet ceases to scroll on cell selection via drag-and-drop when the mouse pointer goes outside the control's bounds if the worksheet has at least one frozen row or column.
  • An AV occurs on an attempt to copy or cut a cell to the clipboard if the cell contains a formula expression that returns a string.
  • Certain cell borders are not displayed in certain spreadsheet documents created by third-party applications.
  • Export to XLSX - Microsoft Excel considers an exported document corrupted if a worksheet has one or more hyperlinks and its OptionsPrint.Source.GridLines property is set to bTrue or bFalse.
  • The "'-' is not a valid floating point value" exception occurs on loading an ODS file that includes at least one blank cell with a numeric formatting pattern.
  • The IF function returns only a single value regardless of accepted parameters.
  • The IF, IFERROR, IFNA, and CHOOSE functions can return incorrect results when used in array formula expressions that return an array.

ExpressVerticalGrid Suite

  • TcxVirtualVerticalGrid - The "List index out of bounds (-1)" exception occurs on saving a stream using its WriteComponent method if no record is focused.
DevExpress VCL Subscription

DevExpress VCL Subscription

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