ExpressNavigationPack 18.2.8

6月 06, 2019 - 7:53


ExpressBars Suite

  • TdxBarCustomPopupMenu and descendants - A bar's popup menu is always scaled according to the monitor DPI, even if the menu's invoker is programmatically scaled to a different target DPI.
  • TdxRibbonStatusBar - An AV occurs when an editor on the status bar's toolbar panel receives focus if the Ribbon property is set to nil.
  • TdxStatusBar - The font of an individual panel scales twice if the panel's PanelStyle.ParentFont property is set to True, and the system DPI does not equal 96.
  • TdxTabbedMDIManager - A child MDI form's TdxRibbon control is displayed on the form for a brief moment before being merged with the parent form's TdxRibbon control on switching between MDI child forms.

ExpressEditors Library

  • cxLabel - An editor is scaled incorrectly if it is anchored to the right edge of its parent and has an associated style controller.
  • cxLookupComboBox - The EditValue property value can change to Null Variant if the Properties.DropDownListStyle property is set to lsFixedList, and the ifoUseContainsOperator flag is in the Properties.IncrementalFilteringOptions property value.
  • Increasing the Filter Builder dialog's font size displays a horizontal scrollbar.
  • TcxCustomTextEdit and descendants - The CursorPos property returns an incorrect value in certain cases.
  • TcxDBRichEdit - An entire editor content becomes selected when the Style.Color property value changes.





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