jQWidgets 8.1.0

6月 18, 2019 - 9:01


  • JavaScript Time Picker component.
  • JavaScript Heatmap component.


  • Fixed an issue in several components about Angular 8 production build error.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxPivotGrid's setCellValue method behavior.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxGrid. When scrolling to the last right column and using the "showvalidationpopup" method for the second column.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxGrid. Selection rendering was incorrect after deleting a row.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxGrid regarding the Data Export to Excel of Date Columns exported as Strings. Now, the data is correctly exported.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxGrid when grouping aggregates are dynamically turned on/off.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxNumberInput. When the initial state of the input is empty and the value is null, the editing was not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxNumberInput. Initial value is negative and rendering in "advanced" mode is wrong.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler regarding the localization rendering when showWeekends is false.
Heatmap component


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