Telerik Reporting R2 2019 SP1

6月 20, 2019 - 12:19


  • Improved SQL Query Designer support for MS Access.
  • Improved storage implementation targeting StackExchange.Redis 2.0+ client.
  • Added PrinterSettings to the WPF and WinForms Report Viewers PrintEnd event args.


  • Installation
    • Some localization resources are missing from the installation folder
  • Common
    • TocText, DocumentMap and AccessibleDescription properties are not localizable
  • JSON Configuration
    • Default values are not set when loading the reporting configuration
  • Standalone Report Designer
    • Incorrect behavior of the Conditional Formatting Rule editor when invoked on multiple items from the PropertyGrid window
    • NavigateToReport interactivity action with relative UrlReportSource is not resolved correctly in Graph item
    • The Property Grid values are unreadable when localized
  • Visual Studio Designer
    • Report library project is created with incorrect .NET Framework version
  • Object Data Source
    • The wizard crashes when invoked for a project (shared) data source component
  • Processing
    • URLs containing '%2F' are not correctly resolved
  • PDF Rendering
    • Text rendered with font ligatures cannot be copied correctly
    • The configuration file setting for EnableAccessibility parameter is not respected
  • Excel Rendering
    • The unsupported Excel 97 rendering format is visible in .NET Core projects
  • PowerPoint Rendering
    • An error occurs when exporting specific Table item setup to PowerPoint
  • CSV Rendering
    • An error occurs when a data item is bound to data source returning no rows
  • WebAPI
    • Error slipps unhandled when cache I/O error occurs on finishing of the report rendering
  • HTML5 Report Viewer
    • Kendo subset is not loaded when displaying Report Server reports
    • Report pages are not loaded when zooming out
  • Angular Report Viewer
    • An error occurs when the 'setReportSource' function is called
    • Report doesn't render when report viewer controls are added in multiple tab instances
    • The option 'parametersAreaVisible' is missing
  • WPF Report Viewer
    • Report contents are lost when exception is thrown during exporting
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