HelpXplain 1.0.2

7月 16, 2019 - 14:59


  • Pause after Animation - Object animations now have an optional pause field, in addition to duration and delay. This pause field is of special interest for cursor animations that are played before a slide advances to the next one (a typical situation for screencasts). Normally, when the slide advances to the next one, you see the cursor move, then click. And right after the click animation, the slide changes. If you have set a slide transition that visually pans from one slide to another, it could be distracting, so that the cursor click animation is not really recognized. That’s exactly what the pause is for: the animation pauses after it has been played and before the next thing happens (another animation or a slide transition).
  • Animated Spotlights - Animated spotlights are a new feature that work well for explaining larger screenshots.
  • Additional Animations - The animated spotlights come with 5 new animations that were implemented for spotlight objects in particular. Spotlights can zoom in or out, they can move and change their size, they can be chained together or you may choose to combine them with an animated cursor object, which the spotlight follows. Furthermore, this release includes new a animation for text: a counter animation that implements a visual counter that runs from [start value] to [end value].
  • Extended Style Settings - HelpXplain has global style settings that define the defaults for all objects in a particular project. You set the fill and outline for shapes, line options for arrows, font sizes for text, etc. This dialog has received additional settings: callout shapes are now separated from normal shapes to be style independently. And the new spotlight objects have got their own settings. This makes it easier to change multiple spotlights in a project, if you find them too dark or not dark enough.




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