jQWidgets 8.1.3

7月 16, 2019 - 14:50


  • jqxGrid row details can now have variable dynamic height.


  • Fixed an issue in jqxGrid about row details visibility in Firefox when the Grid has many columns.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxGrid about incorrect filtering through checkedlist filter, when there is "null" value in the Grid's data.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxGrid about scrolling right, then the exported data (xls) shows as a blank column.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler about incorrectly rendered timeline appointment, when the appointment is longer than month, exact-time rendering is enabled and the view is timeline month view.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxKanban about the columns rendering, expand and collapse, when trying to add dynamically new columns.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxKanban addItem method. The kanban-item-id was incorrectly set.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxKanban regarding dynamically setting the source. That may result to duplicated items in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue in jqxDropDownList regarding the label rendering when the width is in percentages.
  • Fixed an issue regarding Angular 8 production build, Globalize.js and jqxCalendar, jqxDateTimeInput and jqxScheduler.


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