ScriptCase V9.4.000

7月 25, 2019 - 14:05


  • New themes - Based on the material design concept, the new themes generate harmony and softness within your applications. Action buttons include stronger colours and a flat design.
  • Button configuration - New configuration options provide more freedom for customizing button themes. Among the changes are the possibility to include Font Awesome and Google Fonts, and new options for creating CSS classes for styling. This release also includes a new toolbar option for grouping functions side by side inside the application.
  • Introducing FontAwesome - 'Icons' turned into fonts have now arrived in Scriptcase. These ‘icons’ will always maintain the resolution, including the style configuration of your entire theme.
  • Google Fonts - +900 stylish font sets are now available to be included within your own systems, even offline.
  • Alerts - Friendly and customizable "SWEET ALERT2" are now available. The Alerts parameters can be added with a simple array, now you can add animations to your notifications.
  • Toast notifications - Toasts have now arrived in Scriptcase giving your users a better notification experience. Fully compatible with required fields and macros.
  • Other Features
    • Excel export now includes valuable information, such as nested grid and grid totals.
    • All exports now include a progress bar (XLS, Excel, CSV, etc).
New themes




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