Clever Internet Suite for Delphi, C++Builder V9.4

RAD Studio 10.3.2 Rioを完全にサポート
9月 10, 2019 - 14:35


  • Full support for RAD Studio 10.3.2 Rio.
  • New HTTP Proxy component added. The component opens an HTTP tunnel using the CONNECT method and returns a new proxied connection. You can use it together with any TCP protocol, such as FTP, SMTP, and IMAP. All Clever Internet Suite client components support the HttpProxy component. Each client provides the Proxy property, that can be used to specify an instance of the HttpProxy component. The component's interface allows you to create a proxy chain, and communicate via two, or more proxy servers.
  • The HTTP proxy support was added to all protocols, including SFTP.
  • EppServer, FtpServer, Imap4Server, NntpServer, Pop3Server, and SmtpServer added a new OnCreateUserAccount event. The event allows you to create an instance of a user account on the fly, and do not keep user credentials in the UserAccounts collection. You can load them from an arbitrary source: database, file, etc.
  • Added the ability to disable Windows events queue processing in all client components. The feature is enabled by specifying the DISABLE_GUI_MESSAGE_PROCESSING compiler conditional define. After that, you can use the components together with TTask from the Parallel Programming library.
  • BounceChecker: added new ExtractedEmails property which returns a list of extracted e-mail addresses when calling the ExtractEmails or the CheckBounced methods.
  • Implemented SOAP MTOM/XOP attachments. You can create XML, text, or binary attachments and link them with the main XML body.
  • Added new GetSuiteBuildNo function which returns the build number of the library.
  • The following encodings were implemented: Percent Encoding, HTTP Form Field Encoding, URL Encoding, Mail Header Encoding (see the TclPercentEncoder, TclFormFieldEncoder, TclUrlEncoder, TclRfc2231HeaderEncoder classes, correspondingly).
  • Updated Encoder and MailMessage components to skip malformed data in an input stream and extract as much valid data as possible.
  • The FTP Client component now supports the HTTP Connect proxy.
  • You can now use the TclOAuth.Active property to determine component activity state.
  • SOAP Message - added a set of overloaded AddAttachment methods. The following new events were added: OnLoadAttachment, OnSaveAttachment, OnAttachmentSaved, similar to the MailMessage component.
  • A new example was added: SMTP Client over HTTP Connect Proxy.
  • The SOAP demos were updated.
Clever Internet Suite for Delphi, C++Builder

Clever Internet Suite for Delphi, C++Builder



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