Telerik Reporting R3 2019

9月 19, 2019 - 15:59


  • Web Report Designer (Preview)
    • Introduce a new Web-based Report Designer widget to enable embedded report editing into web applications. This first release has limited functionality for preview purposes.
  • Reuse data sources' raw data between the data items in a report
    • Optimized raw data retrieval when multiple data items use common data source to feed data.
  • Improved
    • New built-in function for creating a URL instance
    • Reports service cache invalidation algorithm improvement


  • Standalone Report Designer
    • Error on localizing report with empty string value
  • Visual Studio Designer
    • Radio button is losing selection in report viewer item template wizards
  • HTML Rendering
    • Background-color CSS style on a

      element of HtmlTextBox it is not respected

  • HTML5 Report Viewer
    • Missing Report Viewer instance after widget initialization
    • Cannot print in Google Chrome 77.0.3865.75+
  • WPF Report Viewer
    • Error in WPF designer and missing design surface
    • The viewer doesn't provide methods to explicitly create and dispose report viewer model and its resources
  • Changed
    • MsSqlServerStorage has new stored procedures. DB schema regeneration is recommended.
    • Telerik.Reporting.GraphSeriesBase.ToolTip property is now of type Telerik.Reporting.ToolTip instead of Telerik.Reporting.IToolTip
    • Telerik.Reporting.ReportItemBase.ToolTip property is now of type Telerik.Reporting.ToolTip instead of Telerik.Reporting.IToolTip
    • Telerik.reporting.Report.ExternalStyleSheets property is now of type Telerik.Reporting.Drawing.ExternalStyleSheetCollection instead of ICollection
    • Interface Telerik.Reporting.IToolTip is now internal
Web-based Report Designer.

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