Syncfusion Essential Studio Windows Forms 2019 Volume 3

10月 08, 2019 - 10:35



  • Token support - On selecting item(s) from a predefined list, it can be now be added as tokens in the combobox. The tokens in the input field appear in the order in which they were selected and can be removed at runtime.


  • Rearranging ToolStrip - The toolstrip designed for ribbon showcasing can be positioned in the desired order using the designer (during design time).
  • Responsive ribbon gallery - On resizing the window, ribbon gallery and its items rearrange itself based on the available size for precise view.
  • Automatically reset images based on DPI - Provided option to set images for ribbon items in different DPI scaling during application design. It helps the application to automatically upgrade the image when running on different machines in different DPI scaling.

PDF Library

  • PDF digital signatures with CAdES - Digitally sign PDF documents with an advanced digital signature standard called CAdES (CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures).
  • Validating PDF digital signatures - Validate digital signatures in existing PDF documents.
  • Encrypt only file attachments - Encrypt only file attachments in a PDF document.
  • Find corrupted PDF documents - Find out whether a PDF document is corrupted or not.

Excel Library

  • Data import enhancements
    • Import data from a nested collection to Microsoft Excel and group it in a hierarchy.
    • Import column headers when using the ImportOnSave option.
    • Skip a property while importing data from a collection.
  • Data export enhancement - Data from Excel can be exported to collection objects so that the values can be used as models. Now, XlsIO allows exporting data to nested classes to visualize data in a relative structure.
  • Excel-to-PDF conversion enhancements
    • Unsupported fonts will be substituted by a font stream in Excel-to-PDF conversions.
    • Capture and log warnings intentionally raised in Excel-to-PDF conversions.

Word Library

  • Custom table styles - Word Library now allows creating and applying custom table styles in Microsoft Word documents (DOCX and WordML), and preserving them in DOCX-to-PDF, Word-to-image, and Word-to-HTML conversions.
  • Rotation support for shape, text box, image, and group shape - Word Library now allows rotating shapes, text boxes, and group shapes in Word documents and preserving them in DOCX-to-PDF and Word-to-image conversions.


  • Pixel scrolling - Pixel scrolling is used to scroll nodes of Treeview pixel-by-pixel providing better and smooth scrolling experience.

Tabbed Form

  • Tab drag and drop - Drag and drop tabs using an intuitive UI to denote where the tabs are to be dropped, like popular web browsers.


  • Theme support - This feature allows users to apply various supported themes (Office 2019 Colorful; Office 2016’s black, white, dark gray, and colorful; and high contrast) to form.

Navigation Drawer

  • Image support - Images can now be added with text in the navigation drawer menu. Also, image and text relationship like image before text, image after text, image above text, and image below text are supported.
Excel-to-PDF conversion enhancements.

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