Altova DiffDog Enterprise Edition 2020

10月 09, 2019 - 8:56


  • CSV/CSV and CSV/database comparisons - CSV is often used for exporting database data, and the ability to compare such data - either with another version of a database dump or to the data in the database itself - is a common requirement. DiffDog now supports CSV as a native format for comparison and cannot only compare CSV to CSV, but also supports mixed comparisons of CSV and database data. To start a CSV comparison, click Compare Database Data to open the Database Connection Wizard to connect to your CSV files and/or databases. A database or CSV comparison is similar to file comparisons showing left and right components. A "component" is just a representation of the CSV or database structure from where you can conveniently select the tables or columns that are to be compared. After comparing data, you can optionally merge differences either from left to right, or from right to left. You can either merge all differences as one batch, or you can display the differences for each table in a data grid, and then review and merge each difference individually at row level. This new functionality is extremely helpful for anyone working with databases. Automated comparison of CSV and database data is now supported by DiffDog Server 2020.
  • Support for additional database versions - For database comparisons, DiffDog now support the latest version of the following databases:
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2019
    • Microsoft Access 2019
    • Oracle 18 and 19
CSV/CSV and CSV/database comparisons

Altova DiffDog Enterprise Edition


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