Telerik UI for Xamarin R3 2019(バージョン2019.3.1004.410)

10月 09, 2019 - 10:45


  • AutoCompleteView
    • Provides an option to change the Input filed keyboard type.
  • ListView
    • Provides the option to apply a style to group headers.


  • Calendar
    • [Android] When TimelineInterval is set to "0:30" in DayView, it still shows as 1 hour.
  • Chart
    • ToolTip Behavior is not working properly for PieChart.
    • [Android] ToolTip behavior displays incorrect values for PieChart.
    • [iOS] InvalidCastException is thrown when the Chart is loaded.
  • ListView
    • [iOS] Margin inside GroupHeaderTemplate is not respected.
    • [iOS] BackgroundColor of group headers cannot be set to Transparent.
  • MaskedInput
    • DisplayedTextFontSize is not properly applied.
    • [Android] DisplayedTextFont is not properly applied.
  • QSF
    • [QSF CRUD example] The value in the OrderDate column is not updated when editing is applied.
  • SideDrawer
    • IsOpen binding does not work properly.
Telerik UI for Xamarin ListView.

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