Telerik Reporting R3 2019 SP1

10月 31, 2019 - 16:22


  • Web Report Designer
    • Close functionality for opened report.
    • Option to create new data source components.
    • Overlapping items indication.
    • Save as functionality for opened report.
    • Introduce an extended edit mode.
  • New WPF Report Viewer Theme
    • Introducing the Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Theme.
  • Other Improvements
    • Report Parameter now populates the valid values even if some of the passed values are invalid.
    • Angular Report Viewer example updated to Angular 8.


  • Web Service Data Source
    • JsonDataSource evaluates NULL values incorrectly
    • Parameters are not correctly evaluated during processing
  • Desktop Designers
    • 'Object reference' error is thrown on pasting multiple nested items
  • Standalone Report Designer
    • 'IDisableLocalizationListener is already registered' error when working with TRDP and TRDX reports
    • Import Wizard loading type errors are hidden
    • Properties grid does not refresh when switching between TRDX and TRDP reports
    • The x86 designer targets AnyCPU platform
    • Trial message is shown in Dev version in some cases
  • Visual Studio Designer
    • HTML5 Report Viewer based templates have incorrect JavaScript reference when the REST service is hosted in another project
  • Web Designer
    • Cannot delete data source components from Explorer
    • Color-picker editor checkbox disabled state is wrong
    • Incorrect border label width
    • JsonSource property editor throws an error for empty sources
    • Report's PageSettings expandable property does not allow setting custom paper size
    • Scrolling and multiple selection in Explorer area are not working correctly
    • The Value editor of the PictureBox item does not support embedded images
    • Data source Source editor layout is incorrect
    • Expander icons are duplicated after returning from Preview mode
    • Splitter resize handlers are broken in Preview
  • Paging
    • Repeating group header breaks the print preview paging in some cases
    • The paging breaks when the report footer section is too long with PrintAtBottom turned on
  • Processing
    • A GDI+ error occurs in multi-threading app when reading images
    • RenderingFormat is not respected when used in an Expression in Group Filtering
  • CSV Rendering
    • Susceptible to formula injection attacks
  • PDF Rendering
    • Signature validation fails on newer viewers
  • WebAPI
    • Service stops responding in specific cases
  • WCF Service
    • Upgrade Wizard breaks the svc file
  • HTML5 Report Viewer
    • Incorrect behavior when selecting a result from the search dialog results list
    • Incorrect layout of the Send Email window
    • Incorrect move behavior of the search dialog window
    • Search menu has a non-localizable string in the result list - 'page xx' text.
    • SVG elements have incorrect layout in Chrome 77.0.3865.90
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