SQL Data Catalog v1.7.x

SQL Data Maskerと連携するために「Masking Data Set」というサンプルタグカテゴリを追加
1月 09, 2020 - 15:56


  • New Features
    • Improved the UI for bulk classification: to avoid confusion, it is now not possible to modify column selection when the sidebar for classifying multiple columns is displayed.
    • Add 'Masking Data Set' sample tag category to facilitate integration with SQL Data Masker.
    • Security: tighten CORS configuration.
    • Added API documentation to web UI.
  • Major Changes
    • The Config App needs to be rerun in order to make SQL Data Catalog run fine after the upgrade. This is due to migration of the API from .NET Framework to .NET Core.
    • The encryption mechanism for SQL Server Auth was changed due to the above change. You need to reenter your password if you use SQL Server Auth.


  • Prevent the 'Something went wrong' error when reloading the Taxonomy page with the sidebar open.
  • API changes - Hyphenate all API endpoints, i.e. auth-tokens, classification-suggestions, sensitivity-label-distribution.
  • API changes - The taxonomy endpoints were renamed - all of them are now prefixed with taxonomy and hyphenated, e.g. /tagcategories was renamed to /taxonomy/tag-categories.
SQL Data Catalog

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