ChartDirector V6.4

.NET Coreをサポート
1月 24, 2020 - 16:53


  • Added support for .NET Core. All ChartDirector controls are now available for both .NET Framework and .NET Core for application types that are supported in both environments.
  • In previous versions of ChartDirector for .NET, the DLL was released as 4 separate editions to support a combination of strong-named/non-strong-named and standard .NET Framework/.NET Framework Client Profile. ChartDirector .NET is now released as a single strong-named DLL for the standard .NET Framework. The non-strong-named and Client Profile types are no longer included.
  • ChartDirector is now also available as a NuGet package: "ChartDirector.Net" (for web applications) and "ChartDirector.Net.Desktop.Controls" (for desktop applications). Applications that targets the .NET Framework can choose to reference "netchartdir.dll" or to include the appropriate NuGet package. Applications that target .NET Core can only use the NuGet package.

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