DevExpress VCL Subscription 19.2.5

2月 27, 2020 - 10:02


ExpressBars Suite

  • Ribbon - Office 2019 style - Bar buttons (TdxBarButton and TdxBarLargeButton) do not visualize their selected state if they reside on the Quick Access Toolbar and the Black, Colorful, or DarkGray color scheme is applied.
  • Ribbon - Skinned TdxRibbonGalleryItem uses the same color to paint captions and descriptions in normal and disabled items.
  • Ribbon - Tab Area Toolbar and Tab Area Search Toolbar - A hot-tracked bar button/subitem blends its caption with the background if the HighContrast, Office2016Colorful, or Office2016Dark skin is applied.
  • TdxRibbon - SVG glyphs displayed in the bottom-aligned Quick Access Toolbar have incorrect color palettes for the rs2016 and rs2019 Ribbon styles if certain color schemes are in effect.
  • The Shift parameter value of a control OnMouseDown event does not contain the ssTouch or ssPen flag when a bar popup menu is closed by tapping the control.

ExpressDocking Library

  • Resizing a dock control in a side container located on a TdxForm displaces the container's splitters if the form's BiDiMode property is set to bdRightToLeft.

ExpressEditors Library

  • Active in-place cxRichEdit whose Properties.MemoMode or Properties.PlainText property is set to True does not apply the background color to the editor's cell if this color is specified via the container control's Styles.OnGetContentStyle event handler.
  • dxFormattedLabel - Clicking a hyperlink does not activate it and the Properties.OnHyperlinkClick event's AURI parameter always returns an empty string.
  • Embedded navigators - A data navigator's height is calculated incorrectly if an application form is moved to the monitor whose DPI is less than the system DPI.
  • Standalone and embedded navigators - It is impossible to localize the default display mask pattern via the TcxLocalizer component.
  • TcxDBCalcEdit - It is impossible to input more than two digits via a dropdown calculator window if a bound dataset field's Precision property is set to 0 (by default).
  • TcxShellListView displays no content if it resides in an inactive tabbed layout group and a form's FormCreate event handler modifies the control’s MultiSelect property value.
  • TdxGalleryControl slowly populates its groups at runtime in certain cases.
  • The Expression Editor dialog with no pending changes displays a confirmation dialog on its closure at design time.

ExpressEntityMapping Framework

  • Each string property selected in the Object Inspector displays a redundant ellipsis button if the ExpressEntityMapping Framework is installed.

ExpressLayout Control

  • Customization Form - End-users can remove a layout element whose AllowRemove property is set to False by dropping it into an "available" group.
  • The mouse wheel does not scroll content of a layout group nested in a tabbed group in independent content scroll mode if the nested group is not at the first position in the tabbed group.


  • An exception is thrown on starting an application that uses the dxFontHelpers unit in WinPE for Windows 10.

ExpressMap Control

  • The OnSelectionChanged event fires on changing the selected state of each item.


  • The active page becomes invisible if a user hides the multi-line tab panel that does not fit into the control client area.

ExpressPrinting System

  • Export to PDF - Spreadsheet Report Link - Rich text formatted content is not exported.
  • PDF Viewer Report Link - The export to PDF functionality is available via a composition link.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Table and Banded Table Views - A group summary crops its displayed text with an end ellipsis when the space is sufficient to display the text entirely.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - An AV occurs on clicking a check box displayed for a row in web-style row selection mode if another row is currently being edited.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - The "List index out of bound" exception occurs when accessing a fixed data row's ParentRecord property.

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • TcxDBTreeList bound to a dataset with an auto-incremented field assigns 0 to this field and a newly inserted node's KeyValue property.
  • TcxDBTreeList whose OptionsData.AutoCalcKeyValue property is set to True does not generate a key field value.

ExpressRichEdit Control

  • An AV occurs on opening a DOCX file if the Options.DocumentCapabilities.Sections property is set to TdxDocumentCapability.Disabled.
  • RichEdit Control Report Link - A floating picture within a page header shifts vertically when being printed or exported to a PDF document.
  • SpellChecker - Misspelled words do not become highlighted in Check As You Type mode once the Rich Edit control's read-only mode is disabled.
  • The inherited Font property is protected.

ExpressScheduler Suite

  • Agenda View - The LastVisibleDate property returns an incorrect date.
  • Day View - Modern Style - An event scheduled in the last time slot is not displayed in this slot if the event's duration is less than the period specified by the TimeScale property.
  • TcxSchedulerDBStorage - An AV occurs on deleting a user event if the SmartRefresh property is set to True and a bound dataset's AfterDelete event handler switches the dataset's State property to dsEdit.


  • A font whose name includes non-Latin characters is not applied to cell content.
  • An XLS/XLSX file that contains many defined names is loaded very slowly.

ExpressVerticalGrid Suite

  • Collapsing a row does not move focus from its child row if no other focusable row is displayed.

ExpressWizard Control

  • TdxTabbedMDIManager - An AV occurs on closing an MDI child form inherited from TdxWizardControlForm if two or more of them are currently displayed.
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