PDF4NET 10.2.0

2月 27, 2020 - 12:35


  • Added new PDF merging class.
  • Added SourceXResolution and SourceYResolution properties to PdfTiffImage and PdfXLTiffImage classes to give access to resolution information included in TIFF images.


  • Text is not extracted correctly from some PDF files.
  • Documents with pages that have non-standard rotation values cannot be loaded.
  • /UF key is not set when setting the FileName property on a remote goto action.
  • Some palette based TIFF images are not converted correctly to PDF.
  • Some 1bit LZW encoded TIFFs are converted as negative to PDF.
  • Page transforms fail when processing pages with form Xobjects linked in /Resources stored at /Pages level.
  • Replace image transform fails when removing an image that is used multiple times on the same page.
  • Page transform fails when page includes form Xobjects with a /Contents entry.

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