Master Packager v20.x

March 02, 2020 - 13:53


  • Master Wrapper - new feature to easily and very quickly create wrappers.
    • Master Wrapper enables IT admins and packagers to create a PSAppDeployToolkit wrapper using a self-explanatory user interface and without knowing how to write PowerShell script.
    • For packagers that know how to deal with PSAppDeployToolkit and PowerShell, Master Wrapper will help create wrappers much faster, saving you valuable time.
  • Service error message improvements.
  • When adding files or folders to PUBLIC folder Master Pacakger will now create a custom action to support public folder creation.
  • Added case sensitivity support for predefined Custom Actions (CA) "Replace string in text file".
  • Master Packager will now create standard actions in InstallExecuteSequence if missing.
New Master Wrapper feature in Master Packager v20.

Master Packager

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