Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC) 8.1.3

March 12, 2020 - 15:07


Microsoft SQL Server data provider

  • Added UuidWithBraces option.
  • Improved performance of TMSLoader when loading data in Direct mode.

ASE data provider

  • Improved performance of TMSLoader when loading data in Direct mode.


  • Fixed bug installing different editions of two or more DACs in a single system.
  • Fixed bug with SQL statements that contain fields with the same name from different tables.
  • Fixed bug executing SQL statements that contain comments using the Script component.
  • Fixed bug resetting the value of the parameter after adding a new TDACondition.
  • Fixed bug reading a field value using the AsBytes method in Lazarus.
  • Fixed bug using constraints after calling the Refresh method.
  • Oracle data provider
    • Fixed bug fetching data in the NonBlocking mode.
  • Microsoft SQL Server data provider
    • Fixed bug reconnecting to the server.
    • Fixed bug connecting after a server connection failure.
    • Fixed bug performing a TLS 1.2 handshake during connection attempt to the server.
    • Fixed bug getting the value of the RETURN_VALUE parameter from SP.
    • Fixed bug with the "Function is not linked" error when connecting to the server on iOS.
  • MySQL data provider
    • Fixed bug with TMyDump when the TMyDump.Options.FieldsAsString = True.
    • Fixed bug with an empty error message when invoking the TMyQuery.Prepare method.
    • Fixed bug handling comments in a SQL statement.
  • PostgreSQL data provider
    • Fixed bug with an incorrect value of the RowsAffected property when executing an INSERT ... RETURNING statement.
    • Fixed bug with AV on closing an application that uses the Alerter component.
    • Fixed bug executing a query which has a param of type date.
  • InterBase data provider
    • Fixed bug with the incorrect default value of the TField.Required property for columns of type DOUBLE PRECISION.
    • Fixed bug with assertion failure when changing BLOB fields with the CacheBlobs property set to False.
    • Fixed bug using ftFMTBCD datatype params in batch operations.
    • Fixed bug loading Memo fields in TUniLoader.
  • SQLite data provider
    • Fixed bug opening a query containing aggregate fields with the SmartFetch property set to True.
  • DBF data provider
    • Fixed bug using the CHRTRAN and DELETED functions in index expressions.
    • Fixed bug executing an ALTER TABLE statement.
    • Fixed bug executing an UPDATE statement.
    • Fixed bug deleting a record.
  • Redshift data provider
    • Fixed bug reading a newly inserted record within the explicitly started transaction.
Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC)

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