SQL Enterprise Job Manager v2.2.x

Microsoft SQL Server 2019をサポート
4月 08, 2020 - 15:40


  • Adds support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 for repository and monitoring.
  • Support for Windows Server 2019.
  • Usability improvements:
    • Add SQL Server instances registered with the IDERA Dashboard.
    • View enterprise-wide status on the redesigned overview page.
    • Redesigned schedule tab provides improved readability with snapshot, daily, weekly, and monthly view options and filter controls.
    • Multiple updates to table filters enable better visibility to specific jobs and tasks:
      • New filter option, “Last Run Outcome,” enables more granular search.
      • Several environment-specific filters now provide a list of options for selection.
      • Custom filters can be more easily created, modified, and applied.
      • All filter selections can be instantly applied to better focus search results.
  • Performance improvements:
    • Expanded job capacity reduces timeouts in enterprise environments.
    • Drill down with the schedule to view detailed job information.


  • Bug fixes and enhancements.
SQL Enterprise Job Manager

SQL Enterprise Job Manager(英語版)

複数のSQL Serverのエージェントのジョブを監視・管理

SQL Enterprise Job Manager(英語版)は、次の製品にも含まれています。


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