FastReport FMX 2.7

Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3をサポート
4月 23, 2020 - 14:51


  • Added support of Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3.
  • Added MacOS x64 support.
  • Added support of block align in text object (HAlign=haBlock) in PDF Export.
  • Added ability to move report pages tabs in the report designer.
  • Added popup menu for pages Tab in the report Designer.
  • Added TfrxPreview.PageSetupDialog for C++Builder compatibility.
  • Improved text wrap realization.
  • Improved text draw between different platforms.


  • Fixed preview content scaling for 150% scale or above.
  • Fixed HTML tag subscript printing.
  • Fixed inactive report designer when switching to dialog page(OSX).
  • Fixed changing of page orientation.
  • Fixed draw of arial narrow font in D2D context for RAD Studio 10.2 and above.
  • Fixed text split for simple text render.
  • Fixed fsUnderline style in font GDIP canvas cache.
  • Fixed right align in PDF export.
  • Fixed space Width in PDF export.
  • Fixed font names in PDF export.
  • Fixed wrong result of CalclHeight function.
  • Fixed Hint callouts in the report preview and the report designer.
  • Fixed Modal dialogs order under OSX for Rad Studio 10.2.3.
  • Fixed bug in PDF export under OSX.
  • Fixed bug in TfrxMemoView with HAlign=haRight.
  • Fixed PDF export when font has multi byte name like "MS ゴシック".
  • Fixed bugs with DBLookupComboBox DialogPage control.
  • Fixed error with PictureCache in file under MacOS.
  • Fixed "Object lock not owned" error message for Chart object.
  • Fixed DialogPage for RAD Studio 10.2 (Position, Font, BorderStyle).
  • Fixed truncate of the last symbol in PDF export undex OSX.
  • Fixed error with combobox in object inspector.
  • Fixed preview lock during exports.
  • Fixed barcode lines.
  • Fixed AV in the TfrxCustomMemoView.DrawPart.
  • Fixed infinite loop in the TfrxMemoView.WrapText.
  • Fixed IDE freeze when designer minimized.
  • Fixed AV in the PDF export.
  • Fixed export of fixed-width fonts to PDF.
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