MadCap Flare 2020

5月 06, 2020 - 10:40


  • Context-sensitive help (CSH) Identifiers - Associate context-sensitive help identifiers (IDs) with micro content phrases, ideal for field-level or embedded help.
  • Micro Content Conditions - Micro content conditions allow you to show or hide certain content depending on where it is being viewed (e.g. in a topic or as micro content in search results).
  • Additional Enhancements - Additional new enhancements to micro content authoring include the ability to apply conditions to micro content phrases, allowing you to separate which phrases should be included in different outputs, the addition of micro content variables, as well as the ability to edit properties for micro content phrases.
  • Host and Publish Secure Private Output with Password Protected User Access in MadCap Central - You can now host and publish private output that requires a user to log in using an email address and password credentials. Without credentials, users cannot access the site, making this option ideal for internal employees or customer documentation that should not be accessed by the public.
  • Creating API Documentation Has Never Been Easier: Now Add Code Snippets with Syntax Highlighting in Dozens of Coding Languages - A new Code Snippet Editor allows you to easily create and insert code snippets into your documentation in dozens of coding languages, such as JavaScript and CSS. Syntax highlighting and numbering makes it easy for your users to view the code snippets.
  • Publish Your Single-Sourced Content to ServiceNow® with the MadCap Connect Plug-in - The latest MadCap Connect plug-in adds publishing capabilities to ServiceNow®. Publishing your Flare single-sourced content to ServiceNow® knowledge bases is quick and easy.
  • Major Enhancements to Find and Replace: Find Text and Find Elements - Significant enhancements have been added to the Find and Replace feature, including the ability to find specific elements in your content such as changing all H3 tags to H2, or replacing the “Mobile” conditional attribute with “Tablet” and much more.
  • Authoring Improvements with Collapse and Expand Tags in the XML Editor - When working in the XML Editor, you can now collapse or expand tags (i.e., chunks of content) to make it easier to view and find content in long topics.
Context-sensitive help identifiers

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