Master Packager v20.2.7457

6月 03, 2020 - 8:10


  • Master Packager
    • New permissions icon for File and Registry view.
  • Master Wrapper
    • Added configuration file.
    • Can now save windows position.
    • Users can create predefined PSADT Actions in Master Wrapper.
    • Disable Install/Uninstall/Repair sections if ps1 file doesn't have entry for them.
    • PSADT repair support.
    • Add AppDeploy.ps1 script editing to Master Wrapper tab.


  • Master Packager
    • Predefined CA "Add Firewall" FW name with spaces cannot be removed.
    • SummaryInfo binary shows as null in table editor after adding files from file editor.
    • Clear tracked changes modifies SummaryInfo display value to <null> in _Streams table.
    • Curly braces are not escaped correctly in PowerShell predefined action.
    • Renaming shortcut in advanced editor loses focus.
  • Master Repackager
    • Exception during build if %temp%\MasterPackager is deleted.
    • Ini file entries with square brackets are not escaped correctly.
    • Specific ini file causes exception during build.
    • Command line optional parameter adjustment.
    • Command line help does not contain license activation information.
    • Exception during build due to corrupted REG_QWORD registries.
Master Packager.

Master Packager

Microsoft Windowsインストーラーファイルを作成・編集、他の形式のインストーラーをMSIに再パッケージ


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