PDFView4NET Windows Forms Edition V6.0

.NET Core 3.x、および最新のJPEG2000デコーダーをサポート
6月 05, 2020 - 11:33


  • .NET Core 3.x support.
  • New JPEG2000 decoder.
  • New text decoding engine.


  • Some Unicode characters are not rendered.
  • Documents with invalid /Prev xref offset cannot be loaded.
  • Some text is not properly displayed.
  • CJK text with UniGBUCS2H encoding is not spaced correctly.
  • CJK text with UniGBUTF16H encoding is not displayed.
  • Page content with invalid ctm operators cannot be displayed.
  • Some annotations cannot be moved with the mouse if their position has been changed previously from code.
  • SelectAnnotation(null) does not deselect the selected annotation.
PDFView4NET Windows Forms Edition

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